Quantum 2000™ Electrosurgical System

Wallach’s Quantum 2000 System makes loop electrosurgery more convenient, safe, dependable and affordable than ever.

Wallach’s exclusive, state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled system offers the latest in technology for electrosurgical generators. The system constantly and accurately monitors power levels for smoother, drag free cuts. High resistance tissue can be excised without bending the electrode. There’s minimal thermal damage; therefore, a superior histological specimen for pathology can be obtained. Post excision, the coagulation mode supplies powerful spray fulguration that can seal bleeders without tissue contact. Available as a system with the Biovac Smoke Evacuator which efficiently removes airborne vapor containing potentially harmful microbes and viruses.  The Biovac features a high-powered motor and a disposable, one-piece filter that stops particles down to 0.02 microns.  An Integration Unit allows for automatic smoke evacuator activation when in the cut or coag mode. For a full range of disposable electrosurgical accessories, click here.

  • Solid state, isolated circuitry generator.
  • Footswitch or handswitch operated.
  • Audible alarm for safety.
  • Return electrode monitoring type system uses split grounding pad for extra safety
  • Automatically and instantly activates the Biovac.
  • Unit can be controlled in the sitting position which is facilitated by the ergonomically designed system.
For Professional Use Only. This product is not available for online purchase. For more information, a product demonstration or to have a sales representative contact you, click here.
Biovac Smoke Evacuator Biovac Smoke EvacuatorDesigned to complement the Quantum 2000, this smoke evacuator efficiently removes airborne vapor containing potentially harmful microbes and viruses. The quiet, high-powered motor and a disposable, one-piece filter stops particles down to 0.02 micron. Adjustable handle and rolling wheels make the unit convenient to use since it also serves as a vehicle to hold the electrosurgical generator and integration unit.
Integration Unit Integration UnitThis unit is mounted on the handle of the Biovac Smoke Evacuator and attached to the generator. The unit activates the smoke evacuator when the electrode is activated. When it is deactivated, the Biovac automatically shuts off after a five second delay. This allows for full concentration on the procedure. The Quantum 2000 is inserted into the bracket of the Integration Unit for portability.

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